Three ways of search engine optimization (infographic)

3 methods of SEO

3 methods of SEO

There are many misconceptions when we talk about search engine optimization (SEO). This is because every Seo has his own point of view on what SEO is. Many people suggest that SEO must be something evil, because it manipulate the objective Google search results. But also within the Seoshpäre some heated debates are the result of different approaches, what methods and concepts are applied by Seo. Therefore, I tried to break down the question to three fundamental ways of optimizing for Google and Co. – and I turned it into an infographic :-)

Here it is:

Infographic: Three methods of search engine optimization

Infographic: Three methods of search engine optimization

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From my point of view, there are basically three approaches to what constitutes search engine optimization:

  1. Accessibility: This is quasi basic for everything (not only for search engines but also for people). What is neccessary to let Google find and index the content. Of course Google recommends this type of search engine optimization and has published a lot of  documents and sites for webmasters. Although at first glance seems very simple – even in this area, there is much power in the details (301, rel canonical, etc.)
  2. The second method is often regarded as the SEO method: linkbuilding. Usually people assumpt that the content is not good or interesting enough to be linked for itself voluntarily by others. The large number of backlinks agencies and Google’s problems with link-buying suggest that this approach is widely used in practice. The topics „link exchange“, „link renting“, „comment spam“, etc are part of this. This „seo area“ is nebulous (in the infographic) because not all sites that are pushed by Linkbuilding are bad. Linkbuilding must not necessarily include only self-implemented links – of course you can convinc others that it’s helpful for them to set a voluntary link – for whatever reason, that’s the art of it;-)
  3. The third method is all about content optimization. How to improve the content so that it not only interesting for the visitors, but are especially recommended. I’ve already written an article (sorry only german) about the fact that Google Backlinks are basically nothing else than just recommendations. This area includes the topics „Linkbaiting“ and „Viral campaigns“.

Of course in practice the three methods overlap. The first method is basic for the other both. Nevertheless, it seems to be usefull to separate them once to make it clear.

In my eyes the 3rd method of content optimization, the greatest potential and the longest-term benefit. On the other hand this ways needs a lot of research, creativity and work – therefore it is the most expensive method. You can hardly scale it. Probably because of this still many clients and Seos wlk on the second path.

What do you think? Did I miss a fundamental way?

[This is a translation of my german article.]

More infographics?

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